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Checking order status:

If you have placed an order with Total Health Rewards in the last six (6) months, you can check the current status of your order here by following the directions below. You will need either the Certificate number and PIN used on your order OR the Order number and the zip code of the address where your order is being shipped.

  To view the status of your order, use the fields below to enter EITHER your Certificate number & PIN OR your Order number & Zip code.  

 Certificate and PIN

Certificate Number: PIN:


 Order number and Zip code

Order Number: Zip Code:
Enter the shipping Zip Code associated with your order

Tracking Packages:

If your order has shipped, you can track your shipment with UPS.
Most packages in your order can be tracked via UPS website. It may take up to 1 business day for your information to be posted on the UPS website (from the date your order is shipped).

Please note:

 Order status information is updated daily.

 Order tracking is only available for orders placed within the last 180 days.